Nuclear comeback?

By PotatoStew | September 23rd, 2005 | 9:51 pm

Alabama and Mississippi are under consideration as potential locations for a new nuclear power plant:

A consortium of utilities has picked two sites in Alabama and Mississippi as possible locations for what could be the first nuclear power plant built in the United States in more than three decades.

The consortium emphasized that no decision had yet been made on whether to seek a license for a new plant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The group is developing an application for advanced approval of the two sites, which would allow for quicker completion of the project if a go ahead is given.

I think it’s definitely worth taking another look at nuclear power. I only hope that some consideration is given to more safety-conscious designs, such as pebble bed reactors, and that security is taken seriously, with an eye towards the reactor as a potential terrorist target.

One Response to “Nuclear comeback?”

  1. Darkmoon Says:

    I hope that we’re launching pebble beds from now on. There was a huge push from the US to launch them elsewhere like in Africa to get everything going. I know we’re shipping them out there to get power up (1 single story building height is all you need for physical footprint).

    Why we wouldn’t do it here is beyond me. Better for security, better for lack of fallout. Course, some retard would want to construct something that would kill us all because it’ll make him/her/them rich.