Intelligent Design versus Steve

By PotatoStew | September 26th, 2005 | 11:04 am

Starting today, the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania begins defending its decision to bring Intelligent Design into their biology classes.

The school district’s policy is being challenged by eleven parents of students attending one of their high schools who assert that intelligent design is “unscientific and has no place in a science curriculum”.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, which … is defending the school district, said Dover’s policy takes a modest approach … “All the Dover school board did was allow students to get a glimpse of a controversy that is really boiling over in the scientific community,” Thompson said.

Boiling over in the scientific community? Hardly. The Institute for Creation Research, one of the proponents of ID has a list of scientists who disagree with evolution. I count about 127 scientists on their list. Granted, their list is “partial” since “Nobody has ever taken a comprehensive survey of the world’s universities, research organizations, etc. to find out who is an evolutionist or creationist.”

However, Project Steve over at the National Center for Science Education gives us a list of over 600 scientists named Steve who support evolution.

Of course, the truth isn’t decided based on the number of people adhering to a given position, but when the list of scientists supporting ID is one-sixth the size of the list of just the Steves who support evolution, I think Thompson’s picture of a controversy that is “boiling over” is stretching it, to say the least. The controversy about intelligent design isn’t in the scientific community — it’s in the school districts and courts, largely due to the PR efforts of ICR and similar organizations.

2 Responses to “Intelligent Design versus Steve”

  1. Roch101 Says:

    The ICR has only one scientist named Steve. That settles it.

  2. Lance Mannion Says:

    I have always trusted guys named Steve.