Just one word: Plastics

By PotatoStew | October 3rd, 2005 | 7:50 pm

Sunday’s News and Record had a set of columns on the opinion page debating the implications of peak oil. On the “Pro” side, Steve Yetiv argued that we need to start working on alternatives now to stave off the worst effects of the decline of oil production. Scott Tinker argued the “Con” side, saying that yes, we will run out of oil, but it won’t be “doomsday”.

I found it interesting that both sides appeared to see the same problem. However, the pro side had some specific suggestions to begin addressing it now, while the con side seemed to advocate letting the market address the problem as necessary, and not worrying so much in the meantime. It’s true, the end of oil probably won’t be the end of the world. But doesn’t it make more sense to start working now to minimize the pain of the transition?

Oh, and there’s one other thing I’d like to know: Why didn’t either of them say anything about plastic? It’s not just about energy. Plastic is used just about everwhere, and we need oil to make many of the most useful forms of it.

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