Coming Soon to a Newspaper Near You

By Anthony | April 16th, 2006 | 6:47 pm

I’ve gotten a great response to my local political cartoons here at Plead the First. Starting on Sunday, they’ll have a wider audience, as they’ll be appearing on The News and Record’s Sunday editorial page. (Yes, the “Anthony” mentioned at that link is me, for those of you who were until now unaware of my secret identity. Or I guess that would be my “public” identity. Whichever.)

It seems that I’ll be in good company. Two other local bloggers – David Hoggard and Sarah Jones will also be making regular contributions to the paper.

I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to reach some non-blog-readers, and looking forward to a weekly mix of adrenaline and fear as I try to come up with a cartoon on a deadline.

Update: The first cartoon will be appearing on the 23rd – I was a little unclear in the original post and some folks thought I meant the 16th. Sorry for any confusion!

7 Responses to “Coming Soon to a Newspaper Near You”

  1. David Boyd Says:

    Very cool. Congrats.

    Here’s an idea – put Mohammad in the first one. May as well start strong.

  2. PotatoStew Says:

    Ha… nice idea. I wouldn’t have to worry about terrorists though – my wife would kill me for that one.

  3. BrendaBowers Says:

    Congratulations! The N&R might just turn out to be a fairly decent news sheet yet.

  4. Sue Says:

    Now that you’ve outted yourself, congrats are in order! I think it’s one of the best moves that the N&R has made in a while. No, you don’t need to draw religious figures – how about something more local like a county commish meeting?

  5. sean coon Says:

    dude, i was getting so confused whenever we talked in public; i didn’t know what to say, “stew” or anthony, and would just end up muttering, “hey man.”

    congrats, anthony.

  6. jw Says:

    Congratulations! I was going to say, “Good for you,” but I think it is really, “Good for us!”

  7. Mr. Sun Says:

    Great news. I hope you can do one like when Marmaduke gets his water bowl stuck on his nose. He keeps shaking and shaking his head, but he can’t get the thing off! Oh man, that dog is crazy! Congratulations!