Cartoon: Lie Detector Test

By Anthony | May 1st, 2006 | 12:00 am

Cartoon: Lie Detector Test

Eight out of nine Greensboro City Council members have agreed to take a lie detector test in hopes of getting to the bottom of who leaked an investigative report to the Greensboro News and Record. Or, if not to find out who did it, at least to clear their own names. Or if not that, at least to spend some money and spark a discussion on the efficacy of lie detector tests. No one’s really sure what this will actually accomplish. Ed Cone rightly mocks the whole process on his blog. Allen Johnson at the News and Record also questions how helpful this will be.

At this point, with one council member – Dianne Bellamy-Small – sitting herself out of the whole process, it seems that at best all the test will accomplish will be to waste money and strengthen suspicions (though not confirm them) that Bellamy-Small was the leaker. At worst, if the test shows that one or more of the council members are lying, it may waste money and create even more confusion and suspicion.

Here’s a bonus cartoon on the whole fiasco:

Cartoon: Lie Detector Test

Update: Sandy Carmany, one of the aforementioned council members, has a great post about the bind the council members now find themselves in. The polygraph nonsense can be stopped, but not by the council itself.

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