ConvergeSouth Promo Video

By Anthony | September 12th, 2006 | 12:29 am

ConvergeSouth is coming soon. Ben asked if I’d be interested in creating a short promo video for it. At first I said “no” because while I enjoy making home movies, I’d never made a video that didn’t involve small babies and family members. Eventually, I decided to give it a try. Here’s the result:

I’m not entirely happy with the way YouTube compressed the video. Ben did a much nicer job, which can be seen on the ConvergeSouth media server.

For those interested in this sort of thing, the footage was shot on my Canon MiniDV Camcorder and edited with FinalCut Express. I had to retouch a couple dozen frames by hand in Photoshop to remove some dust that was in the frame (that’s what I get for shooting through my car windshield). The two still-photos in the middle are courtesy of Sue. The soundtrack was arranged in GarageBand.

4 Responses to “ConvergeSouth Promo Video”

  1. darkmoon Says:

    What can I say. Freakin’ sweet. Thanks for doing it.

  2. PotatoStew Says:

    My pleasure – thanks for asking, and for putting up with my initial wishy-washiness about it.

  3. Roch101 Says:

    Love the soundtrack!

  4. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks Roch!