Cartoon: Lousy Copy of the RMA Report

By Anthony | October 16th, 2006 | 1:19 am

Cartoon: Lousy Copy of the RMA Report

Here’s an extra cartoon for this week. Not too long ago, it sounded as though we would never see the RMA report. Now it looks as though it’ll be impossible to avoid a detailed accounting of the contents.

Update: A couple of people have expressed concerns about this cartoon, so to clear up any confusion, ConvergeSouth and its organizers were not responsible for the distribution of the RMA report. As Ben commented on Ed’s blog: “I’m going to point out that the RMA report offer or whatever happened after ConvergeSouth, with no connection to it. Conference was over.”

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  1. On The RMA Report Hitting The Public Domain… at connecting*the*dots Says:

    [...] So, was I was receptive to obtain a copy of the report the other day and read for myself the details behind what drove the city to lock David Wray out of his office? [...]