Republicans Spamming NC Blogs?

By Anthony | December 17th, 2006 | 6:45 pm

Over the past several months on many local blogs I’ve noticed comments allegedly posted by Nathan Tabor. Tabor made an unsuccessful run for the State Congress not too long ago, and is the founder of The Conservative Voice, a shrill bastion of Republicanism.

One thing these blog comments have had in common is that they all make reference to North Carolina senator Fred Smith, extolling his virtues and praising his stance on a variety of issues. The comments are usually tied in to the topic of the post, but due to the repeated fawning over Smith I get the sense that they are little more than blog spam designed to build up Smith’s name recognition. A few recent examples of these comments may be found at Hoggards, Cone’s, and TheConAlt. Many more can be found by using a Google search.

Now, there are a couple of curious things here. In September, one of these comments showed up on David Boyd’s blog. In the same thread, another commenter, also claiming to be Nathan Tabor, denied that the first comment was left by him. So it’s very possible that someone is posing as Tabor to spam blogs on Smith’s behalf.

Lending support to this possibility is a strange series of comments on a post at Melissa Westmoreland’s blog. The first is left as an anonymous comment, but contains the usual Fred Smith blather, and is signed at the end as “Nathan Tabor”. The very next comment says:

Sorry, I shouldn’t have used anonymous.

The blogger account name used to post that comment is JimKouri.

Jim Kouri is fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and a columnist for several law enforcement publications and conservative websites – including Tabor’s The Conservative Voice. Kouri himself seems rather fond of Smith, having written at least one very flattering article about him.

At the very least, we have what appears to be a Republican persistently spamming North Carolina blogs. Who is really behind it isn’t quite as clear. Are all these spam comments originating from Kouri? If so, why is he posing as Tabor, and is he doing this with Tabor’s consent?

Update: “Tabor” responds in the comments below. I’ve also found that he seems to be blog spamming on behalf of John Cox, a Texas businessman running for President.

20 Responses to “Republicans Spamming NC Blogs?”

  1. The CA Says:

    I don’t know if it’s truly Nathan Tabor or not. His brother’s company and I have some history. In any case, I have noticed his comments before on Ed Cone’s site, a shrill bastion of Democrat rhetoric.

    Perhaps Mr. Tabor will shed some light on this issue.

  2. The CA Says:

    The Tabor “any excuse to mention Fred Smith” bug has made it’s way to JR’s blog at the N&R as well.

  3. PotatoStew Says:

    Based on the comments at Boyd’s and Westmoreland’s, I’m inclined to think that it’s not actually Tabor. Hard to say if it’s really Kouri or not, though if it isn’t, the comments at Melissa’s make no sense at all.

    If anyone who’s gotten one of these comments wants to email me the IP address from a “Tabor” comment on your site (assuming it’s not against your privacy policy, if you have one), that might help point us one way or the other. From what I can tell, Kouri lives in NJ, so if the IP address is a NJ one, it would support that theory. (A non-NJ address wouldn’t necessarily disprove that it was him though.)

  4. Nathan Tabor Says:

    hello all. Hope you are well and ready for Christmas. Yes, I am posting on all kinds of blogs these days. I even blog for and – plus I run and have out a book from Thomas Nelson –

    if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email me at

  5. PotatoStew Says:

    Hi “Nathan”. Could you clarify the comments linked to in my original post – the ones at David Boyd’s site and the ones at Melissa Westmoreland’s site?

    In the first instance, there seemed to be two of you, with the second Nathan denying that the first commenter was really Nathan. In the second instance, it appeared that Kouri, an associate of yours, was posting under your name.

    I also noticed that the IP address from your previous comment was indeed a New Jersey IP address. Are you located there now, or are you still in North Carolina?


  6. darkmoon Says:

    haha. I just noticed all the URLs dropped in the comment. Amusing, since I know for a fact that it’d be banned by my blog as “spam” the way I have it set up.

  7. Nathan Tabor Says:

    I’m amused that I am the only person here using my real name – then you want to attack me over a IP address?

    Shall I show you how easy it is to post under someone else’s name?

  8. [Not]PotatoStew Says:

    Let me tell you something . . . Nathan Tabor is an amazing guy. You all should check out his website –

    Merry Christmas!

    (Edit: This comment was made by Nathan Tabor, posing as me. Name edited for clarity. -PS)

  9. Kirk D. Says:

    Sounds like you’ve just done your first official bit of online investigative journalism Stew! Bravo!

  10. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks Nathan… that gave me a good laugh (the above comment is from Nathan posing as me… I’ll probably change the name soon for clarity’s sake). But I’m not sure what you’re trying to say – do you mean to imply that all the comments we’ve been seeing attributed to your name are *not* from you?

    Besides, your example is a little different than one of the situations I mentioned, and beside the point on the other:

    My Wordpress blog lets you put in whatever you want for name, email, and url. So it’s easy to fake. However, Westmoreland’s blog, mentioned above, is a Blogger blog. The comment from Kouri was made while actually logged in under his blogger account. So from that example, it sure sounds like Kouri is signing your name to his comments. Are you ok with that?

    As for the example on David Boyd’s blog, we have two apparently different Nathan Tabors in the same thread. Could you let us know for the record which one is really you? Or are they both fake Tabors?

    As for “attacking” you over an IP address – the only reason I questioned that is because it happened to match what I was predicting might be the case if it was Kouri posting under your name. When I emailed you, you quickly responded and let me know you were on the road. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the IP address was a NJ one.

    At any rate, I would think this is a good opportunity for you to clear up any confusion. Are all these Fred Smith (and John Cox) comments actually being posted by you? And which of the Nathans in the David Boyd thread is really you?

  11. Lex Says:

    Interesting. Nathan Tabor, or “Nathan Tabor,” has commented at my blog recently, but he didn’t plug Fred Smith (or anyone else) when he did.

  12. [Not]PotatoStew Says:

    Well, this whole spam thing — definition of spam: anything I don’t like reading on a blog — is revealing three things: First, Nathan Tabor likes Sen. Fred Smith; b) I need to get a life; and three, I need to get a life.

    My own self-importance is astounding.

    (Edit: Above comment is also (obviously) not actually posted by me… someone doesn’t seem to be too happy about the questions this incident is raising. Name edited for clarity. -PS)

  13. PotatoStew Says:


    This post? He does indeed mention Smith in his comment. Or is there another recent one?

  14. [Not]Kirk D. Says:

    I find it interesting that he didn’t answer one of your questions (unless he’s doing so privately via email). That has ‘fishy’ written all over it. Definately seems to be a case of impersonation or spam however. The constant references to Smith clinch it in my mind.

  15. PotatoStew Says:

    Well, it’s definietly spam, with the persistent, tangential references to Smith. As for answering my questions, no, he really hasn’t done so yet. The only private email was after his first comment here – I emailed him to ask if he did in fact post the comment, and he said that he did.

    I originally was pretty sure the Smith comments were not posted by Tabor, because of his denial on Boyd’s site. However, his first comment here makes it much more ambiguous – at the very least he doesn’t seem at all concerned anymore with the idea that someone may be impersonating him. It would be nice if Nathan would just clearly state whether or not he’s been posting any of the Fred Smith comments around the blogosphere.

  16. [Not] Nathan Tabor Says:

    Okay, let me clear this up. I am visiting with my very special friend Kouri in NJ. That’s why some of my comments appear to be coming from Kouri’s accounts. Now, if you don’t mind, we have some man-loving to get to.

    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: Fred Smith, Fred Smith, Fred Smith — he’s dreamy too.

    (Edit: another bogus post, reattributed since it’s not actually from Tabor. -PS)

  17. Kirk D. Says:

    Yep, that made things clear as mud.

  18. Nathan Tabor Says:

    PotatoStew – do you know why I don’t answer your questions? take the comment two up – you correct when I post under your name – however, you don’t correct when someone posts under my name. Are you a hypocrite? It would appear so.

    no offense – but if you had half a brain you could figure out that someone is posting under my name – – I address it here.

    So, the question is do you do what is right or do nothing?

  19. PotatoStew Says:


    “Are you a hypocrite? It would appear so.”

    No, I am simply someone who just walked in the door and is only now sitting down to edit and address comments on my blog. Perhaps you’ll notice that I haven’t posted or commented on my blog at all since before that comment was left?

    Besides, you have a lot of nerve complaining about a joke post under your name when you were the one who started the very same thing in this very thread.

    “if you had half a brain you could figure out that someone is posting under my name”

    And if you had bothered to read the original thread and my first comments here, you would have seen that I was originally giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming those comments were left by someone posing as you. As I said in my first comment, “Based on the comments at Boyd’s and Westmoreland’s, I’m inclined to think that it’s not actually Tabor.”

    But then you come along and in *your* first comment on this thread say, “Yes, I am posting on all kinds of blogs these days.” Which is, at best, ambiguous, and at worst seems to imply that you did make the posts in question. I have no idea why you would say something like that rather than, “No those posts weren’t made by me.” We could have avoided a lot of back and forth.

    Now the remaining question is who is posting under your name? Have you asked your friend Kouri about it? As I pointed out, there are a couple of comments on Westmoreland’s blog that make it look as though it could be him. Plus, I’ve also noticed that Kouri has been making very similar comments on behalf of John Cox. Maybe he’s posing as you for some reason. Or perhaps it’s someone else, for some unknown reason is posing as both of you. I’m not sure which possibility seems more odd.

    “So, the question is do you do what is right or do nothing?”

    Do what is right, as I would have whether you had complained or not. Actually, when I first saw the comment I was simply going to delete it out of consideration for you. But I suppose I should just edit it and leave the joke intact. After all, I wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite and handle it differently than I did the posts under my name.

  20. [Not]Nathan Tabor Says:

    Hey, it worked!