Minj Grille

By Anthony | February 16th, 2007 | 10:17 pm

We finally made it to Minj Grille in downtown Greensboro, after having heard great things about it for the past year and a half. Steph and I went for dinner tonight, and it was incredible.

The chicken wings were perfect. Pleasantly spicy and sweet, the full-sized wings were light and crisp and delicious. We split a single order and each got a half salad to go with it, but we enjoyed the wings so much we had to order more (they sell individual wings if you ask).

The restaurant was nice as well – very clean and charming, despite the renovations that seemed to be going on in a corner of the back room. There were families with children there, and it had a friendly atmosphere and waitstaff as well. We even got to meet Niki, the owner, to tell her how much we enjoyed it.

Minj Grille has been pretty well known since they opened, and so I thought it was ridiculous that the News and Record neglected to include Minj in their review of local wing joints two years in a row. But now I have an even greater appreciation of how absurd that omission is. I’m definitely looking forward to eating there again.

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