By Anthony | March 1st, 2007 | 8:55 am

Last year, I was putting out a new cartoon pretty much every week. With all the other demands on my time, this became something of a grind. Think, stare into space, think more, sketch, ink, Photoshop, twitch a bit, then repeat – non-stop, whether a topic had caught my interest or not.

So I spoke with Allen Johnson at the beginning of the year about reducing the frequency of my cartoons for the News and Record, and fortunately, he was very understanding. We agreed that I’d aim for submitting a cartoon roughly every other week. This has worked out great for me so far, allowing me some breathing room and making it more enjoyable again.

So if anyone was wondering about the increased length of time between cartoons, that’s the reason. I’d like to thank Allen for being willing to work out a new arrangement, and everyone else for your kind words and support over the past year.

2 Responses to “Rearrangement”

  1. Brenda Bowers Says:

    I wondered and missed seeing your messages. Can understand tho that coming up with something every week when it is just more hobby rather than your career then too much pressure would ruin it for you. Still will continue to miss you every week. But maybe you will have more time to blog so we can get a good “agree to disagree” going. LOL BB

  2. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Brenda! I’m hoping to spend a bit more time with general, non-cartoon posts soon. I’ve had a few other things going and haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like, but I agree – a good, agreeable disagreement is in order.