Cartoon: The Pulpit Forum

By Anthony | March 19th, 2007 | 12:47 am

Update, October 2014: I’m removing this cartoon. After witnessing the mess in Ferguson this summer, and the discussions surrounding it, I don’t feel I can stand behind it any longer. The intentions behind it were good, but that doesn’t mean that I was right. There’s a lot more to issues around race than I had considered at the time. Looking back on it now, it feels too much like “punching down” rather than “punching up”, which is what a good political cartoon should strive for.

Sort of a followup to my previous cartoon, this one focusing on the hair-trigger racial sensibilities of the Pulpit Forum.

5 Responses to “Cartoon: The Pulpit Forum”

  1. Joe Guarino Says:

    The dog made me laugh, Anthony.

  2. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks Joe! Yeah, she’s cute. Lots of bark, little bite.

  3. Brenda Bowers Says:

    Right on target here Anthony. But I was surprized the N&R permitted it to be printed. This groups has shown up in every problem or power play for the last twenty years which is just about as far as my research has gone on the city council and county commission. BB

  4. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks Brenda. In most cases, the editorial department has been pretty hands-off with regard to what they let me do. There was even one week when my cartoon took the exact opposite stance of an editorial they had written the previous week, and they still let it run. However, there must be something behind those sentiments, as someone else said the exact same thing to me today – that he was surprised the paper ran the cartoon.

  5. Joe Killian Says:

    People who are surprised by this sort of thing aren’t paying attention.

    In a year at the N&R I’ve never had anyone from any department tell me I couldn’t write something because it would offend a minority group. I’ve never heard anyone in any department complain that they’ve been told that.

    Now I have been told that I couldn’t write things because it might offend old white women, who make up a large part of our readership.

    And once, when I was writing about the history of toasts in a first-person piece for the Life Section, a line I wrote about Irish people being good at toasts because we get so much practice was edited out so that I wouldn’t, as an Irish guy, offend Irish people.

    This cartoon, which is hilarious, certainly belongs in our paper.