Progress Report on the Surge

By Anthony | March 25th, 2007 | 11:17 pm had an interesting article this past week that looked at how our troop surge in Iraq has been going. According to the report, with only two-fifths of the total surge in Iraq, we’re actually seeing some progress:

Barbaro told reporters Tuesday that two of the five brigades making up the surge are now in Iraq, and that the third is en route from Kuwait. Two more are preparing to deploy, and all five should be in place in greater Baghdad in June. Twenty-three of the 43 planned security outposts have been established across Baghdad. Barbaro said violence in the city has dropped by about a third since the surge began in mid-February. “Murders and executions against civilians, referred to extrajudicial killings, have decreased significantly, somewhere in the area of about a 50 percent decrease,” he said. “However, high-profile attacks — car bombs, suicide attacks, more typically conducted by Sunni extremist groups against Shi’a targets — continue. However, the effectiveness of these high-profile attacks has dropped.” Hundreds of families are returning to their homes in the capital, Barbaro said.

The fact that people are returning to their homes seems especially encouraging to me. I’ve generally felt that it would be a bad move to pull out of Iraq – we made a mess, we should clean it up – but it also seemed likely that the surge may have been too little, too late. There didn’t seem to be any good course of action. As the Time article says, it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but I do hope that these early signs mean that things are starting to turn around over there.

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  1. Op-ED 3/27/2007 « The Conservative Alternative Says:

    [...] “I didn’t think invading was a good idea, but we did it, and I felt we needed to make it work.”  Right.  Cone has done nothing but savage every move made in Iraq, and when there is good news, like the recent reports of success, he is silent. [...]

  2. Gedeon Says:

    And yet attacks on the American fortified “green zone” are sharpy up in recent days. How can this be reconciled?

    In addition, increasing violence seems to be shifting out of the capitol to other areas of the country, as predicted. I’m all for progress, but I think someone said the suge was a game of “whack-a-mole”. Thats sure what it looks like to me.

  3. Brenda Bowers Says:

    BBC News reported 400 killed in the past 3 days. But I think this is the last gasp of the Sunni and Shia in fighting. Of course our troops are caught in the middle. My son -in-law is in Med-Evac so he is in and out of the country a couple times each week. He tells us that the news we get is not telling anything but the bad. He feels a great deal of progress is being made. One thing tho: the people trust the American troops more than they trust their own, so what does that tell you about what will happen if we pull out too soon. People were beginning to come back but after the Democrat’s recent move they may be leaving faster.

  4. Wolfgang Ante Says:

    I understand the wanting to make it right and clean up, but in my eyes the US in Iraq is part of the problem, not part of the solution. It was a mistake from the beginning, just “doctoring around” now will not help anymore.

    Pardon my english, I hope it is still clear what I meant to say…

  5. PotatoStew Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone…

    Gedeon: Regarding the increased attacks on the Green Zone – The Time article seemed to be taking a wider view at overall violence in Baghdad. It’s possible for attacks to be increased in a specific area, but down overall. At any rate, as the article pointed out, it’s still too early to tell for sure. Those attacks may fizzle, and things may inch forward a bit. Or they may be the start of renewed violence, and everything may continue going down the toilet. It remains to be seen.

    Brenda: “I think this is the last gasp of the Sunni and Shia in fighting” …it would be nice, but we’ve heard that before, from Cheney, and it wasn’t true. We’ll just have to keep looking at the numbers and see how it’s going.

    Wolfgang: I understand exacly what you are saying. I do agree that it was a mistake to invade, but I’m not sure I agree that this means it’s a mistake to stay now that we’re there. To be sure, we’ve done a pretty poor job of things so far. But if sending in more troops is shown to help the situation, then I find it hard to be against it. If other countries were willing to step in and help, I’d be all for the US pulling out. But I feel it would probably make the situation worse overall for us to just leave them to their own devices at this point. Maybe if the troop increase is shown to be ineffective, and it becomes obvious that there’s nothing we can do to improve things, then I could see leaving and praying for the best. But I’m not sure we’re to that point yet.

  6. Gedeon Says:

    The latest from “the surge”.