Who Doesn’t Believe in Evolution?

By Anthony | May 4th, 2007 | 12:19 am

Three GOP Presidential candidates – Brownback, Tancredo and Huckabee – that’s who.

(Pointed out to me by Ged)

6 Responses to “Who Doesn’t Believe in Evolution?”

  1. Ged Says:

    And here is another bit of wonderful from the GOP debate. Apparently Governor Tommy Thompson believes its okay for employers to discriminate against gays in the workplace if they feel its immoral. No qualifier except the employer *feels* its immoral. Uh huh. This is one reason why Rebublicans lost the congress in 2006 and why they are heading for a fall of epic proportions in 2008.

  2. jerrold Says:

    are you actually saying publically that you beleive we came from monkeys?
    that all this was formed from a few cells in water, or that all this happened by chance. sounds like these three are the only sane ones running.

  3. PotatoStew Says:

    Hi Jerrold – thanks for the comment. No, we didn’t come from monkeys, but we most likely share a common ancestor with monkeys. In other words, there was a species of mammal that branched off at some point – one branch led to humans, the other branch led to monkeys.

  4. Ged Says:

    Just a quick update: Thompson now says he didn’t mean what he said about discriminating against gays. Uh huh.

  5. PotatoStew Says:

    He “misinterpreted” the question? Someone needs to ask him what he thought the question actually was.

  6. Brenda Bowers Says:

    Now really. You guys know that Mr.Thompson thought the question was about “happy partying kind of people” and that this behavior should not be allowed in the workplace. Must keep those worker bees noses to the grindstone!