A Pastor’s Appeal

By Anthony | August 4th, 2007 | 9:27 am

I don’t go in for the “New World Order” talk, but this is a very good article:

Had our Christian forebears acted as we do, we would still be a Crown colony today, without the freedom and independence that America has enjoyed for these past two hundred years. Think about it: there would be no Constitution. No states’ rights. No Bill of Rights. No right to keep and bear arms. No right to privacy. No right to be secure in our own homes. No constitutional protections in court. No constitutional protections for speech, religion, or redress of government. No constitutional protection for the freedom of the press. The foundational principles upon which our entire society and way of life rest would be nonexistent.

By refusing to hold our President accountable to the Constitution, by promulgating the idea that Christians should not get involved in politics, by standing idle as political and corporate forces work to steal our national sovereignty and independence, we are surrendering everything that Americans have historically held precious.

Dear Christian friend, do you mean to tell me that we are supposed to sit back and let men (even well-intentioned men) destroy our constitutional republic? Do you mean to tell me that we are not to resist the evil machinations of those inside our country as vehemently as we would those who seek our destruction from afar?

(Via Jim Capo)

One Response to “A Pastor’s Appeal”

  1. Ged Says:

    Excellent article. I especially like this bit:

    “While we are on the subject of voting, I seldom heard my fellow Christians talk about the President being “God’s man,” who should only be prayed for, but never resisted, when Bill Clinton was President. And I suspect my fellow Christians will not be using that same mantra if and when Hillary is elected President of these United States. Suddenly, pastors throughout America will be screaming for Christians to “get involved in politics” and resist the evil Hillary. So much for our principles.”