Cartoon: Invasion of the Suburbia Snatchers

By Anthony | September 10th, 2007 | 7:27 am

Cartoon: Cartoon: Invasion of the Suburbia Snatchers

The city of Greensboro has taken the first steps towards assimilating some nearby neighborhoods.

3 Responses to “Cartoon: Invasion of the Suburbia Snatchers”

  1. meblogin Says:

    Greensboro is doing what all cities do I guess.

  2. Brenda Bowers Says:

    But for God’s sake what are they thinking?!? Our water is bad, our water mains are busting all over the place, we haven’t the police to take care of troubles we have now let alone more area to cover, and most of all, we are out of money with massive law suits facing us in the very near future. It just seems to me this council is determined to do as much damage as they can before they leave ( or, I hope they leave, but have no faith in Greensboro voters coming out to vote.) BB

  3. Anthony Says:

    I’m sure a lot of cities do indeed do this. I don’t think annexation is necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, I just question the timing of it, and the manner in which it is done. Brenda brings up some good points along these lines – should Greensboro really be expanding while there are serious issues at the current size, particularly with regards to the police and crime situation? This just doesn’t seem to be well thought out.