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By Anthony | September 15th, 2007 | 3:06 pm

Thursday night I went with Ged and a few other folks from work to see a taping of NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell me!” at Wake Forest’s Wait Chapel. It was a great show, and fun to see what goes into making an episode. They had the Hornets’ Chris Paul as a guest. Not being a big basketball fan, I had not heard of him before, but was really impressed with him. He seemed like a really nice guy who was very down to earth.

While there, I saw someone who looked an awful lot like Sarah Beth Jones walking up the steps to the balcony. Apparently, it was her. Patrick Eakes was there as well, and though I didn’t see him, I’m sure I must have heard him clapping.

Today, my family and I went over to the Greek Festival on Friendly Avenue (again, with some folks from work). The food was very tasty, and the pastry line very long, but well worth it. On the way out, I ran into Lenslinger. Actually, I walked right past him while focusing on an engaging and contentious conversation with my three-year old daughter. Luckily my wife saw him trying to get my attention and let me know so I could say hi.

The sun and warmth are on their way out. If you’re still reading this, you should get outside, too.

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