NASA Hiding Airline Safety Data?

By Anthony | October 23rd, 2007 | 8:11 am

From CNN:

An unprecedented national survey of pilots by the U.S. government has found that safety problems like near collisions and runway interference occur far more frequently than previously recognized. But the government is withholding the information, fearful it would upset air travelers and hurt airline profits.

Among other results, the pilots reported at least twice as many bird strikes, near mid-air collisions and runway incursions as other government monitoring systems show, according to a person familiar with the results who was not authorized to discuss them publicly.

The survey also revealed higher-than-expected numbers of pilots who experienced “in-close approach changes” — potentially dangerous, last-minute instructions to alter landing plans.

They’re “fearful it would upset air travelers and hurt airline profits”? Too bad. If things really are less safe than expected, air travelers have a right to know, and to be upset. I would think there’s a greater chance of improvements being made if the airlines’ profits are on the line.

One Response to “NASA Hiding Airline Safety Data?”

  1. meblogin Says:

    We have pretty well given up flying unless the drive time is greater than 11 hours. Most times from the time we leave our house, do the fly, rent the car and arrive at our destination..time spent…7 hours. I’ll drive the extra 4 to avoid the hassle. No real fear…just all the delays…. (:

    For sure doing a day trip using a taxi makes a great trip to NYC..etc.