Cartoon: Keep Searching

By Anthony | February 17th, 2008 | 12:15 am

Cartoon: Keep Searching

It’s a classic tale of longing, rejection, and fulfillment. You know: Reporter requests document. City denies the existence of the document. Local blogger posts the document. City suddenly finds the document.

This cartoon didn’t end up running in the paper this week. Unfortunately, the timing was off – the whole incident happened over a Wednesday and a Thursday. Since I turn in my final cartoon by Thursday mornings, I wasn’t able to submit the cartoon until this past week. Allen Johnson, the Opinion page editor at the News and Record, liked the cartoon but felt that the story would be a little stale by this point.

I can understand that – since my cartoons would only run on Sundays, there were quite a few times when there was a bit of a lag between my cartoon and the event I was addressing. This one happened to be on the far outer edge of that lag. I still think the underlying issue – the competence and credibility (or lack thereof) of city leadership – is very much in play, so I’m posting the cartoon here anyway.

On another note: When I spoke with Allen at the end of last week, he let me know that due to budget considerations at the paper, they’ll no longer be running my cartoons. When I saw this post at David Hoggard’s blog, I figured this would be coming. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed working with Allen and seeing my cartoons in the paper. I’ll still be posting them here from time to time though. Allen did give me the option to run one final cartoon; I haven’t decided if I’ll take advantage of that or not. If something jumps out at me over the next day or two, I may, otherwise probably not.

detail Finally, there’s a cameo appearance in this week’s cartoon. One of the folks in there trying to help the city search for some shred of credibility is a local Greensboro blogger who’s been a bit more sympathetic to city leaders over the past week and a half than most. Meaningless bonus points to the first person who can correctly identify him (and points off for my characituring skills if no one gets this).

9 Responses to “Cartoon: Keep Searching”

  1. Brenda Bowers Says:

    It is still a very good cartoon. And yes, I recognized the “local blogger”, or thought I did and it was confirmed when I read your post. Good one! Brenda

  2. David Hoggard Says:

    The moppiness of the character’s hair and longing look on his face would suggest yours truly.

    It has been a good run, Anthony, and I have enjoyed your cartoons immensely. I look forward to linking to them in the future. There are, as you know, other local print outlets that may want to feature your take on things.

    As a subscriber and avid reader of the N&R, I believe that the cuts in local voices are a bad thing. Especially in a paper that was trying to become more local in its focus.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Brenda: Thanks!

    David: You got it. :) And thanks for the kind words. I agree that these cuts are a bad thing for increasing the local focus of the paper. Your column definitely added a lot in that respect. I get the sense that the editors would rather it didn’t have to be this way, but obviously their hands are tied by the budget they’re given to work with.

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  5. Roch101 Says:


    The N&R finds an excuse to kill Hoggard’s column and your cartoon. The memo issue is stale by now? Interesting that it is the premise for today’s column by the N&R editor.

    I think the more reasonable explanation is that the N&R decided they wanted to more closely manage their message on this issue and didn’t want the hoi polloi interfering.

  6. David Hoggard Says:

    After reading and thinking on Anthony’s post, it appears you might have a point Roch. But I have to chime in from my perspective.

    From the way my “rejection” went down, I sincerely don’t think there was any “message massaging” going on. I honestly didn’t like the way my column came across and I couldn’t fix it in the extended time I was granted. I promise you I would have posted it if I thought the whole thing said what I really wanted to say.

    I might just post it anyway. Warts and all.

  7. John Robinson Says:

    Roch, you’re looking for monsters under the bed, and, um, they ain’t there. Closely manage our message? Don’t want the hoi polloi interfering? Hardly.

    I am not involved in the editorial board’s decisions and Allen can explain things for himself. I can assure you that you’re way off base on this one.

  8. Laurie Says:

    Well, I think that it’s a real shame that the local paper is cutting a very fine local cartoonist. It’s their loss. I hope that you find another print venue for your work.

  9. Anthony Says:

    Thanks Laurie – I appreciate it!