A Second Chance this Election Day

By Anthony | October 21st, 2008 | 7:50 pm

Did you vote for Bush in 2004, and later regret that vote? Considering how low Bush’s approval ratings are, there must be at least a few of you out there.

Fortunately, you get a do-over. A second chance, of sorts.

It’s pretty well known by now that McCain has voted in line with Bush’s positions anywhere from 77 to 95 percent of the time. That’s pretty strong evidence that McCain generally agrees with Bush’s philosophy and policies on running this country. So in a very real sense, a vote for McCain can be considered to be a vote for an extension of Bush’s presidency.

But it’s not just McCain. Daniel Larison, blogging for The American Conservative, makes the case that Sarah Palin shares many of the same personality traits that may have contributed to Bush’s less-than-stellar performance as President:

There are simply too many similarities between the traits that her admirers praise in Gov. Palin and the traits that they once praised (still praise?) in Mr. Bush, and I don’t see how anyone who looks back on the practical consequences of Mr. Bush’s time in office can look at Gov. Palin and her thin record and not see that by cheering her on so enthusiastically they are repeating the same blunder they made before. The claim that Gov. Palin’s character shows that she will be a good leader and would, if the occasion demanded, be capable of serving successfully as President seems to depend heavily on an assumption that Mr. Bush has also been a successful President, which at this point must appear even to his previous supporters to be an indefensible proposition.

Radley Balko sees it too:

This growing anti-intellectualism on the right is alarming. It isn’t that Palin is dumb. I don’t think she is. It’s that she has no interest in learning, no interest in reading or experiencing anything that might challenge what she already knows she believes. She thinks with her gut, as Steven Colbert might put it. She’s a female W. And they seem to love her for it. The GOP has gone populist. Knowledge, worldliness, and learning are to be shunned, swept aside as East Coast elitism. It’s all about insularity, earthy values, and simpleness.

Happy you voted for Bush, and pleased with the job he’s done? Then McCain and Palin should provide more of the same policies and unblinking certainty that Bush gave us for the last eight years. For those who aren’t happy with where Bush has taken us, you have another chance.

Regret that vote for Bush? Don’t make the same mistake again.

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