Right Wing Treason

By Anthony | September 30th, 2009 | 7:29 am

This is beyond the pale – a columnist at Newsmax advocates a military coup to overthrow the government of the United States. Of course, he says he’s merely “describing” what could happen, not advocating it. But the language he uses suggests otherwise:

Will the day come when patriotic general and flag officers sit down with the president, or with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a “family intervention,” with some form of limited, shared responsibility?

Despite the warped view of patriotism one must have to consider the military overthrow of our Constitution as “patriotic”, describing it this way sure makes it sound like he thinks it would be good for the country. And the Democrats and liberals are the ones who are supposedly fascists and dictators?

It’s incredible how quickly attitudes on the right have changed. During the Bush administration, the President’s detractors were met with right-wing howls of “un-American!” and “treason!” for mere criticism. Yet now it’s apparently ok to publish fantasies about the military overthrow of our democratically-elected President.

For those on the right who claim that this is a fringe voice, that this isn’t the way your side really feels: If that’s true, you need to start speaking out against this sort of talk. Liberals can speak out against it all day, but we’ll be ignored – after all, we’re the fascists, right?

If this doesn’t represent how you feel – if you disagree that a military coup is “patriotic” – then you need to start taking your side to task over it. Muster up some of that outrage you had on display during the Bush administration.

This sort of dangerous rhetoric has been heating up, not dying down. Eventually, some unhinged, right-wing lunatic is going to take these sorts of paranoid ravings to heart and take a shot at the President. At that point, mainstream Republicans will wring their hands and say “Oh that’s taking it too far, no one ever meant for that to happen.” Well, it’s obvious that some on your side do mean for it to happen, and if you answer their rantings with a mere eye-roll and a pat on the head, your hand-wringing will have no credibility.

[Update: Newsmax has flushed the original article down the memory hole, so I've changed the link to the Google cache version of the page (link courtesy of Roch over at Ed Cone's).]

6 Responses to “Right Wing Treason”

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    [...] UPDATE: Media Matters provides its own round up of extremist right-wing rhetoric and it’s not pretty. Meanwhile at Pleade The First, my friend Anthony rightfully calls out conservatives to stand up to this subversive speech and call it out for what it is – treason. [...]

  2. Ben Says:

    Why would you print this unequivocal prediction?

    “Eventually, some unhinged, right-wing lunatic is going to take these sorts of paranoid ravings to heart and take a shot at the President.”

    You say it with such certainty. It’s like a freaking prophecy. How then, do you you differ from Mr. Perry? He speculates on the possibility of a bloodless coup, you predict an assasination attempt with an air of certainty. Your heart is in the right place. That’s nice, but you’re still predicting bad things here, just like Mr. Perry, and the only difference is in our perception of your disapproval of this prediction.

  3. Anthony Says:

    “How then, do you you differ from Mr. Perry?”

    Because he approves of the scenario he outlines as a possibility, virtually rooting for it to happen. On the other hand, I think the possibility I raise would be a tragedy if it were to occur.

    Look at how we each describe the perpetrator of the respective scenarios. He thinks the leader of an armed rebellion would be a “patriot”. I think anyone who tried to carry out the possibility I suggested would be an “unhinged lunatic”.

    Perry describes a tragedy and approves of it. I describe a tragedy and condemn it.

  4. Ben Says:

    I guess I just wish you had changed “is going” to “might”. Perhaps I’m tired of being lumped in with these “right-wing” wackos just because I’m on the right. John McCain is “Right-Wing”, but he is not a wacko, and I’m with him on most things. I agree with the spirit of your post. I suppose we do need to shut up the kooks among us on the right and take them to task.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Ben, thanks for the reply – I appreciate your take on this.

    I can see your point about “is going” versus “might”. My thinking is that I see the intensity of the feelings against Obama. And already we have protesters brandishing firearms. The combination strongly suggests to me that someone is going to try something. I hope I’m wrong of course, and if not, I hope that they fail abysmally.

    The rest of your reply is exactly my point. The fringe right will not listen to me. Heck, they probably won’t listen to you. But what you can do is de-legitimize them. At certain points the fight should not be right versus left. It should be reasonable people versus unreasonable people.

  6. Les Says:

    As a conservative, I was not in favor of many things that President Bush did and I do not like the extreme right fringe, however, I am just as upset by the extreme left that physically assaulted Sarah Palin with tomatoes and the questionable tactics of the Democrats in congress used in gaining votes by buying of senators from certain states with unequal state funding. Corruption within the ranks of congress is much more troublesome than fringe comments or activities that most conservatives and liberal disdain. If a bill cannot stand on its own, backroom deals and front room bribery are the highest form of corruption that will cause an overthrow of the government. Our system was set up to balance the power and prevent this type of corruption. Now it is being used and called just ordinary politics!