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Questions About the Release of the RMA Report

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Roch Smith Jr. recently attended a city press conference and tenaciously questioned Greensboro city manager Mitch Johnson on whether the city would eventually release the RMA report. The report was compiled last year by an independent consultant, and dealt with alleged corruption and misdeeds by former police chief David Wray and members of a [...]

ConvergeSouth Promo Video

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

ConvergeSouth is coming soon. Ben asked if I’d be interested in creating a short promo video for it. At first I said “no” because while I enjoy making home movies, I’d never made a video that didn’t involve small babies and family members. Eventually, I decided to give it a try. Here’s the result:

I’m not [...]

ConvergeSouth is Coming

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

The second annual ConvergeSouth blogging conference will be at NC A&T State University in Greensboro on October 14th. I had a great time at last year’s conference, and am going to try to make it again this year. Head on over to the official ConvergeSouth website to get more info and register.

Greensboro’s Fourth of July Festivities

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

We attempted to go to Greensboro’s Fourth of July Parade this morning. Unfortunately, we got out of the house a little late, and missed most of the actual parade. We did catch the tail end and found this guy bringing up the rear:

Fortunately, there was plenty more going on, so we made our way from [...]

Cartoon: Money for the Market

Monday, June 12th, 2006

Cartoon: Money for the Market

Cartoon: Nov. 3 1979

Monday, June 5th, 2006

Cartoon: Nov. 3 1979

Cartoon: SCAT Fare Hikes

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Cartoon: SCAT Fare Hikes

Cartoon: PGA Tournament

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Cartoon: PGA Tournament

Wait a Minute, Man!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

The Minuteman Project will be holding a rally in Greensboro this evening. Didn’t anybody tell them that South of the Border isn’t actually part of Mexico?

Cartoon: Lie Detector Test

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Cartoon: Lie Detector TestCartoon: Lie Detector Test