Intelligently Designed Debunking

By Anthony | August 22nd, 2006 | 11:56 pm

Jason Rosenhouse explains a few easy ways to spot bogus Intelligent Design arguments.

Anti-evolutionists are skillful at burying the weaknesses of their arguments beneath a wealth of scientific jargon. This presents a problem for fair-minded non-scientists trying to determine where reality lies. If rivals in a debate make differing claims about the relationship between thermodynamics and evolution, for example, how is someone unversed in physics to know who is presenting things accurately?

…The good news is that much of the creationist fog can be dispersed via some basic understanding of how the scientific community operates. Many, indeed most, anti-evolution arguments should provoke suspicion even among those without training in science.

He goes on to list four ways to tell when an argument is probably on less-than-solid footing. Read the whole article at CSICOP’s Creation and Intelligent Design Watch website.

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